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Thanks to the incredibly fast paced life many of us lead, we somehow always feel as though we are running to get things done – leaving us run down, breathless, stressed and, in many instances perhaps even spiritually bankrupt.


On the other hand, have you ever noticed, however, how some people just seem to float through their days – happy, smiling and more than willing to help others at a moment’s notice?  If you strive to be this person, and if you are tired of feeling “sick and tired” then, there are a few simple and extremely rewarding changes that you can make, which will almost certainly, give you the joy of life you have always wanted and, just as importantly, a smile that will, almost certainly, brighten up the lives of everyone you come in contact with.


The harsh truth is that we simply do not make or take the time to simply sit quietly, with ourselves and truly listen to our hearts.  If we did, we would discover that we all have the ability to be happy and to spread that happiness to the people around us.  While our minds are busily planning our lives for the next ten years, our soul is restless and is looking for solace and, by taking, but a few minutes out of your day, by reading an inspiring passage of scripture, followed by a prayer, you will start feeding your soul and quieting your mind.

Indeed, reading a particularly moving set of scriptures, feeling the words and then spending some quality time listening to God, through your prayers, can truly work miracles on your body, your soul and your mind.  It is, of course, a well known fact that when one part of your being is unhappy, the other parts soon follow – however, by soothing your entire being, through the words of God, you will find yourself becoming a happier and healthier person.


This belief, that the entire being needs to be nourished by prayer, scriptures and the love of God is one that is shared  by both Joel and Victoria Osteen and, as they invite you to join them in loving prayer, through their ministries in Lakewood Church, you will be amazed at just how powerful taking the time to rediscover your spiritual side can truly be.

Whether you are slowly finding your way back to God, through the power of scripture or, if you are an “old pro” who has lived by the written word for most of your life, you will find the love, support and understanding you have been looking for by simply finding a passage or scripture that you find yourself attached to.  You will be amazed at how powerful your smile can be.

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